Carlo began his musical career at the age of fourteen with a local Manchester band playing guitar and taking lead vocals. Yes guitar. They would regularly rehearse in the bedroom driving the neighbours crazy. This was short lived and Carlo took the decision to pursue a solo career. At nineteen he was offered a local gig every Saturday night. Carlo had always been a pianist from the age of four so he decided to ditch the guitar and play the keyboard instead. He would record all his own backing tracks in his little studio then play and sing along with them.

Carlo then enrolled on a music course at Tameside collage where he achieved a national diploma in performing arts. This is when he decided to learn the saxophone as it had always been his passion. While studying here Carlo wrote his first album 'Take it Easy'. Three years later Carlo went on to lecture music at the very same college.

At twenty three Carlo joined a sixteen piece soul band called ' Troubled Soul ' . Taking the lead vocals and arranging the music for the rest of the band. After the band spit Carlo Sax was destine to go it alone. Established as a solo act in 1990 his show has taken him to distant shores around Europe and Asia. His voice and sax can be heard on T.V. And radio commercials around the country. He has also had the privilege of performing with many famous musicians and celebrities over the years. Most recently being the support act for ' Alicia Dixon ' and ' Ruth Lorenzo ' at the ' Real Housewives Of Cheshire ' Creme de la Creme ball.

Now well established as professional award winning musician he sometimes shares the stage with his son Aaron ( Also an award winning musician) in the duo ' SAXED UP '
He also occasionally does the odd gig with fellow musician Mike Bromley as ' COOL RETRO '. He continues to write his own songs both alone and with other musicians. After many years of touring Carlo still loves the buzz of the gig and has no intention of hanging up the mic just yet. The legacy continues.....